Bassist, Songwriter, Composer/Arranger


Writing and Arranging

Instrumental Compositions

Been Here Soon (co-author)Steel Guitar, Piano, Fretless Bass, Drums

Highways RememberedSteel Guitar, Piano, Fretless Bass, Drums

Ego Ballet Samples, Begging Bowls, Guitar, Fretless Bass

EmpathySamples, Trumpet, Guitar & Fretless Bass

Isolate Song Piano, Fretless Bass, Drums, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone

Acceptance - String Quartet, Guitar & Percussion

Gamelan Concertocommissioned for and performed by Gamelan Si Berkley

Endless Giftfor Gamelan Si Aptos

Fumiko’s PassageSamples, Begging Bowls, Trumpet, Clarinet, Upright Bass

Dinner MusicElectric Bass and Plumbing Fixtures

Ketawang Loufor Gamelan Si Aptos


Is Love?

Changing Her Mind

When Time Stands Still

The Stone Unturned


Arranging and Music Direction

Client: Rio Rocko
“Gecko Tango” horn arrangement

Client: Rob Lamothe
 “Brave Enough” for 20 piece String Orchestra
 “Stay” for String Quartet

Client: Gene Wang – 3 pieces by Ennio Morricone:
“First Youth” for String Quartet, Flute & Piano
“Tornare e come morire” for String Quartet, Flute & Harpsichord
“Legami” for String Quartet, Flute & Piano

Client: William Russ
“A Song For You” band arr. for album Force of Will

Client: Paul Lizewski/Pure Music
“I Wanna Be Where You Are” for String Quartet w Piano accompaniment
“On This Day” for String Quartet w Piano accompaniment

Client: Hopkins Productions
Numerous arrangements of songs for 10 piece band w horn section.

Client: Creativity USA
 40 song project for American Idol Talent Challenge video game

Client: Clint Eastwood/ATT Celebrity Pro Am

In my capacity as MD for the Bill Hopkins Band, from 2001 to the present I have been Music Director and Arranger for the Celebrity Charity Concerts featuring Huey Lewis, Glen Frey and many other celebrities who participate in the event each year.

Transcription/Music Copyist

Jerry Vessel

Nancy McGinnis

Phantom Roc Publishing

Chris Miller

Hopkins Productions

Bruce Kaphan

Victor Krumenacher

JP Trayer

Gene Wang

Creativity USA


The bulk of my arranging/recording work is done using a software combination of Pro Tools, Reason and Finale.


jeffrey wash    jeffrey wash


In my modest studio space I generally track no more than two or three audio tracks at a time.  When I get to the point in a project where I’m ready to go to the next level (more simultaneous tracks. live drums, a bigger space, an objective pair of ears…) I’ll book time in Bruce Kaphan’s Niagara Studios in Fremont.  Bruce is an incredibly talented multi-instrumentalist and recordist, a genuinely nice guy with a set of “golden ears”… and he makes a mean cup of coffee too!


My current Studio setup:


Apple 17” MacBook Pro, Core i7
Digidesign 002 Interface
Glyph Drives
Avalon U5 DI
Pendulum Audio OCL 2 compressor
Grace 101 Mic Preamp
ART Pro MPA Stereo Mic Preamp
Lexicon Reflex
Furman PQ-3
Nueman TLM103 Condenser Mic
AKG 414 B-TLII Condenser Mic
Shure SM81 Condenser Mic
Dynaudio Acoustic BM6A Monitors
Mackie Onyx 1220 Mixer
Samplers and Synths: Roland D-50, Emu


Pro Tools LE
Garritan Strings
Kick Ass Brass
Motu MachFive2
SFX Machine
Arturia Analog Factory